Acetaia Reale - Aceto Balsamico "Collezione Reale"

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Acetaia Reale traditional Balsamic Vinegar is a product obtained exclusively from grape must (Trebbiano and Lambrusco types), which is pressed, cooked, refined and aged in oak, chestnut, ash, mulberry, cherry and juniper wooden barrels. They are simple ingredients, which only man’s experience can turn into a high quality product. Man has always been the key in our work, a manual activity which begins with the pick-up of the best grapes and ends with the bottling of a food speciality closely monitored during all the production stages.

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  • 1X40 ml - "8 Travasi"
  • 1X40 ml - "10 Travasi" 
  • 1X40 ml - "12 Travasi"
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