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Clean, transparent and at the same time sophisticated, our winemakers have managed to capture the essence of our vineyards of Macabeo, Chardonnay and Muscat of Alexandria.  These are fresh and light wines which are delicate and even subtle in their floral aromas and distinct flavors.

Vineyard selection, harvest at the rigth moment, specific production, protection against the oxygen, thorough control…
Do you notice exotic fruits? Grapefruit, passion fruit, citrus, fresh herbs, boxwood? These are the “thiol aromas”, exceptional notes that enhance the fruit character of the wine and very difficult to obtain in Muscat of Alexandria.
Alcohol 13.5% Vol. 
Serve at 6-8º C (43F)

ALCOHOL: 13.5% Vol.

GRAPE VARIETY: Muscat of Alexandria


Colour. Pale yellow with shiny green hues

Aroma. Very high intensity , complex, citric aromas, lemon, orange peel, exotic fruits, grapefruit, passion fruit and fresh grass aromas like boxwood. Clean and powerful, with that thiol profile that we were seeking after

Palate.- Smooth start followed by a fruity acidity and structure. Finishes with a longlasting, elegant and lingering aftertaste.

SERVE AT : 6 - 8ºC

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